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LSBU WORKSHOP – 24/03/10
On March 24, Refugee Aware in conjunction with the Refugee Studies course at LSBU ran a workshop for both the MSc Refugee and MSc Development Studies students. Lecturing on the topic ‘Exploring Research and Career Possibilities’, Ernest talked about the importance of thinking outside the box when considering thesis topics or looking for a career. He also looked at unconventional ways of tapping into the potential benefits of the Refugee and Development studies courses, relating it to his organisation.

While waiting to start his lecture he had an informal discussion with Prof. Gaim Kibreab, director of the MSc Refugee Studies course and two of his students. Informal, though it was, the discussion was no less passionate and meandered its way through a series of subjects such as asylum policy, political responsibility and pre-migration experiences.

The workshop itself was both insightful and informative, and as most of the students testified later, had given them focus and direction. Though weak and frail from a recent bout of chickenpox, Ernest endeavoured to deliver a captivating lecture and engage the students in highly stimulating discussions.

In a personal email to him, Prof. Kibreab wrote… The feedback from the students is excellent. You really inspired them. I am very proud to have been your tutor and course director.

In all, it was a very productive evening that ended not in the lecture room but in hallways long after the workshop was officially over.

Following a stream of email exchanges, Refugee Aware held a meeting with an ECRE representative on March 26 to discuss the former’s projects in juxtaposition to the objectives of the later.

Travelling from Brussels to London, Ann Cassano (ECRE) met with Ernest at a cafe at Russell Square, London. Ms. Cassano unreservedly expressed her admiration for RA’s wide-ranging programmes and how much the organisation had achieved within such a short period; she assured Ernest she was satisfied with what she had gathered from the meeting, which would be profitable to the organisation in relation to ECRE.

Upon going back to Brussels, Ms. Cassano recommended Ernest and Refugee Aware to another ECRE official, Anne Bathily. Ms. Bathily came to London on official engagement on March 30 but made time to meet with Ernest at East London University, where they discussed the prospect of doing joint projects.

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