Meet The Team - Refugee Aware

Ernest Antwi
Ernest holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Refugee Studies. He was a winner of the Vodafone World of Difference Award 2012, an acknowledgement of the immense contribution he's making to expanding education and awareness on issues pertaining to Refugees and IDPs through Refugee Aware. He is author of Ato the Giant Slayer and former music director of University of Cape Coast Community Mass Choir. His research interest is in PTSD in refugee children.
Alicia Wainwright
Social Media Manager
Alicia studied Communications and International studies at Niagara University, where her interest for refugee's quickly turned into a passion. She volunteered at Journey's End Refugee Services and International Institute of Buffalo all throughout college. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado where she works as a Research Coordinator at LFP Broadcasting. She actively volunteers as a cultural mentor for refugees through Lutheran Family Services. Alicia enjoys running, camping, hiking and yoga.
Trish Mossman
Social Media Strategist and Consultant
Trish is lucky enough to be a citizen of two great countries, but is often embarrassed by the way that their media misrepresents refugees and asylum-seekers. Despite working for more than ten years in international diplomacy, she is convinced that change will only come with grassroots awareness and the compassion of citizens. Leaving a diplomatic career behind, Trish is now the Founder and Chief Strategist at Teapot Social Media and is proud to make a difference by working with Refugee Aware.
Ayo Joseph
Fundraising Manager & Programmes Coordinator
Ayo earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology and a Master of Science in Development Studies, both from London South Bank University. His research interest is in how climate change gives birth to a new wave of refugees; his research paper can be viewed on the website. Ayo enjoys running and keeping fit.
Aristarque Ashige
Uganda Country Coordinator

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