The Uganda Project - Refugee Aware

Refugee Aware Uganda has gone off to an amazing start, led by the tireless Aristarque Ashige, the RA Country Coordinator for Uganda. We are currently teaching English in refugee settlements, running a football club made up of only refugees, and are also in the planning stages of a project to provide assistance to refugee orphans.


The English classes we provide have become a big hit and are in great demand. We are teaching elementary level english to children, the youth and adults, but we also have more advanced classes for those who already have a rudimentary grasp of the language. Plans are already afoot to start a entrepreneurship classes, which will comprise of accounting, economics, mathematics, business practices and many more.

As good as this sounds, we have to conduct lessons in deplorable conditions, which are unfortunately our best options. We use run down classrooms; chalkboards are barely useable; and students normally sit on dirt floors or on bricks and concrete blocks with their books in their laps.


Refugee Aware Football Club is a fantastic project comprising entirely of refugees from head coach to the youngest member. The club has brought together young talents who are gradually making a name for themselves. Though they lack basic resources and often have to rely on the benevolence of well-wishers, there is a strong sense of solidarity, camaraderie and optimism among players and coaching staff.

This project has presented many with a new sense of direction and purpose and has also saved some from less reputable endeavours.

Base: Nakivale Refugee Settlement ( Base Camp One).
Club President: Aristarque Ashige
Coach: Isaac Iraqi
Captain: Ezras Billy
Training days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays


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